A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

An unnamed virus, a family of broken robots, and one lonely girl. 

Fourth has lived her whole life within a derelict quarantined space station with her family of robotic caretakers.  Trapped onboard by an unnamed virus, Fourth waits for the day that she can leave the station and see the universe. But as the days go on, the symptoms are getting worse, the station grows more hostile and her once loving family is degrading into mindless drones following their uncaring programming.

Fourth is running out of time and soon she is left with no choice but to escape. As her body and mind slowly decays, she has to avoid the former members of her 'family' that patrol the empty halls of her prison.

Help Fourth escape and try to find a cure before it is too late!

(Game is currently in Demo 1.0 and critiques welcome.)

Install instructions

Mac- Open .zip file, double click "MothersFavorite.app" to open. If security alert appears go into System Preferences, click Security Privacy, and then click the prompt to open the app.

PC- Open .zip file, double click "MothersFavorite.exe" and extract files. After extraction double click to run game.


MothersFavorite-mac.zip 207 MB
MothersFavorite-pc.zip 222 MB

Development log


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It's perfect!!!! I love the artstyle,I love the characters, I LOVE EVERYTHINK!

Aw thank you. 

Demo 2.0 is coming soon so you'll get to see the conclusion!

I looove this game, I know I already commented before but I had a theory about the caretakers!


So, what if all the caretakers are like Mother under their outer casing? They're all made of some gooey gross organic meat, but Mother is the only one falling apart and letting it show. Just a quick thought I had while replaying the game recently.

Interesting theory mate.

this demo is so good! Im excited to play the finished game!

I'm kinda surprised this is a demo, lol, it's already amazing, the full game I'm sure will be nothing less!

no problem.

The demo is actually pretty bare bones.

As of now the demo is about 1/10th of the total game length and a second demo covering the first third will be out shortly.

I appreciate your feedback.

Is there anywhere I could pre order this? and/or do early access?

this game is too great for me to be satisfied with just a demo!

there is going to be a demo 2.0 coming soon. Demo 2.0 will be longer and have a 'pay what's you want' system so people can play for free or support the full game.

No pre-orders though, I am justone person not a triple A studio. I will be sure to post updates when the full version comes out.

ok, cool

Im looking forward to playing it!



HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, thanks for the cool game!


glad ya liked it

Hi! I have a little tiny bug, and it's so minor I didn't even notice it until my third or fourth playthrough. But I noticed that a ' when father is talking didn't show up, I took a screenshot.


A couple people have pointed that out and I have fixed it.

Apostrophes sometimes get messy when using multiple fonts and that happens from time to time with the pixely font I choose for the robots.

Thank you for pointing that out! It has since been fixed.


This is so good!! 1412 really summed my feelings up pretty well lol, the emotions you conveyed with your writing are so good! Mother is seriously scary, I got chills down my spine when she appeared. 

Is there any way I can support this game? I'm excited for it to be out!

well you can buy the full version when it comes out.

Additionally I have a patreon and backers get spoiler updates, the ability to beta test new versions, and all patrons get a free version of the final game.

I was also thinking  of releasing a demo 2.0 (that covers the first third of the game) + a digital art book that would be a 'pay what you want' to specifically cover the costs of commissioning the musician. 

Other than that I am just glad you enjoyed the demo. I hope you will enjoy the full version once I finish it. 


Oh my gosh??? I really enjoy this a lot :D

This seems like a really solid start! Mother is terrifying in the best way and I love the weird mix of sympathy and mistrust you've built between Fourth and the other caretakers. 

I am glad you enjoyed the demo! 

I am glad that the caretakers came across that way. I was hoping the "are they really sentient or just mimicking human emotions?"  angel would create the proper air of uncertainty. 

I will keep working to produce the finished version as soon as possible.


ooHHH MY GOD I LOVE THIS This is honestly the best and most detailed, and deep and amazing graphic novel I have ever played and it's in BETA!?!? I can't WAIT to see this completed, and the character designs are so creative. Im also super excited to see if we get to see what mother used to look like, and father, i'm just so AACCJCCC

Probably the only glitch i encountered was that when Aunt came into the room at lunch the texture glitched a tiny bit

Thank you so much for your lovely compliments.

The game is hopefully going to be bigger and better once finalized.

A lot of backgrounds and music are placeholders and the art will get more detailed as it exits it's Beta.

I was hoping no one would notice the little visual glitch with Aunite. It is an issue with how the code layer sprites that I am still resolving but hopefully it will not be in the final version.

Also yes there are sprites for an uncorrupted Mother and functional Father for flashback scenes.
I will try my best to live up to your expectations.


I'm absolutely in love with this story so far, and I can't wait to see where it goes! I love this type of premise so seeing it executed so well is super exciting.

The only issue I saw was that the font for the robot's speech doesn't have a apostrophe so it shows up as one of those default rectangles. 

Oh, also, it seems like the game files haven't been archived, so you might either want to archive them or remove files uneeded for the demo. 

The apostrophe issues has been fixed since the font was simply a little wonky.

The final version will have archived files, thank you for reminding me.

I am glad you enjoyed it!

I definitely did! And I'm totally going to be drawing fanart of it to help spread the good word! ;) I'll post a link here when I finish it if you want!


You really play the story teller very well. I'd wish there was a bit more interactions in the demo. (Ones that just gives background but not change th story too much)

This is incredible!

Thank you for your video and commentary! I am going to take your critiques to heart! The demo ends right before the games starts branching and offers more choice and player freedom.

I feel incredibly humbled by your feedback and I will do my best to deliver the final version soon!


I'm really not sure if this is your first game or not either way you did an amazing job! I was really hooked even from the very start. There is a lot of deep story hidden in fourth that makes you want to keep reading and, reading. I didn't realize that over a half an hour went by and, I had to stop the video. I would say more background music is the only thing this is really lacking. I'm also confused as, to the survival horror tag and, maybe even slightly the horror tag but, then again I didn't complete the whole demo yet. Keep up the great work love to see the direction you take this and, other possible games!


I was playing and I almost forgot it was a demo I got so sad 😭 I absolutely love this game so far and it actually got me a little emotional, especially towards the end! I know you said you'd be taking critiques, but I don't really have any! Great work; if you keep going as you are it should be great! I've only played through once but I'll definitely do so again. 

 I am glad to hear that!
I am working on the full version as we speak and I hope to finish it by Summer of this year.

Thank you for your feed back! Here are some CGs you can expect to see in the next update!


These are beautiful! Now I'm even more excited! Can't wait!!